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Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their h

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Water Damage Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their h Water Splashes are Okay in Your Bathtub

Your Fallston Home Suffering Water Damage Gets Restored by SERVPRO

Although property owners in Fallston have to deal with several issues after their home is impacted by water damage, the water removal, and the cleanup process is uniquely important and imperative. The fact that mold and mildew can start growing on your property within 48-72 hours of the initial water event has to be considered as potentially additional damage to the water damage. Water damage that is not addressed immediately and effectively can also result in limited or extensive structural damage. Of course, the amount and time of water pooling in your home will dictate if this is a simple mop up for you or if it is appropriate to call in SERVPRO, a premier water damage restoration expert. Learn more about how our water damage specialists expedite and optimize the water extraction and cleanup process by reviewing the following information.

Mold and Mildew Growth Prevention

An important aspect of the water removal service is to hinder mold growth due to excessive moisture and humidity. Every home has mold spores contained in the ambient air. This task is important because ongoing exposure to mold can cause health effects. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can and will complete thorough cleaning and drying processes that reduce mold growth down to zero or safe levels. And decrease the likelihood that it will return to your property. The use of high-velocity fans (air movers) and an array of dehumidifiers remove excessive moisture and heat from the interior of your Fallston home thereby taking away mold's ability to proliferate.

Preventing or Limiting Structural Damage to Your Property

Another important service provided by our water damage clean up experts is the prevention or mitigation of structural damage to your property by rapid water extraction. Unfortunately, water damage can cause structural problems that eventually entail the removal of damaged materials such as drywall, wood furniture and flooring and fabrics. We do a comprehensive assessment of the water damage, inspect your property for the extent of the water damage and then offer you a cost effective plan of action to return your home to its previous condition.

Trust The Smart, Savvy Professionals Of SERVPRO

When it's time for you to hire quick, effective assistance, there's only one team of technicians to call: SERVPRO. With over 57 years of experience in the dynamic water damage restoration sector, we've long since discovered the secret to success: put the customer's needs first. By maintaining this customer-centered attitude, we're effective in attaining high levels of client satisfaction. Our smart, savvy technicians are IICRC-certified in clean up to preserve your belongs and building in Fallston. From cleaning your carpets to restoring a severely water damaged home, we can help you. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in Fallston too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Harford County is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. in Aberdeen or Churchville. We are proud to be an active member of the Bel Air community and await your call for assistance. (410) 679-6260

Taking Care of Your Business’s Leaky Roof the Right Way

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Storm Damage Taking Care of Your Business’s Leaky Roof the Right Way Commercial Water Loss

Having a leaky roof isn’t just bad for business – it’s also likely to have long-term effects on other parts of your commercial building if left untreated for long enough. That’s why taking care of your roof leak quickly and correctly is important to your business’s future. In order to get things done the right way, there are a few key steps you should follow, including:

• Tearing out wet, damaged materials
• Drying and disinfecting the affected areas
• Having your roof and ceiling professionally restored

Following these steps can sometimes be a lengthy process, but it’s the best way to get your Edgewood, MA, business back in operational order as quickly as possible.

Out With the Old

If you have carpets, walls or other materials that have been damaged by your existing roof leak, the best thing you can do is tear them out and replace them. Wet materials – especially carpets, rugs and other fabric pieces – are prone to developing mold growth, which presents its own unique challenges. It’s best to nip the problem in the bud and stop mold growth before it ever has a chance to begin.

Disinfectant Is Key

While most rainwater is harmless, some may contain harmful bacteria – especially if it’s been sitting there for a while. Disinfecting areas that have been in contact with your leak is important for suppressing both mold growth and bacterial illnesses during the cleanup and restoration process and is easy to do with the right tools and know-how.

Professional Assistance

When it comes to missing shingles and an otherwise damaged roof, you could try and take on the challenge of repairs yourself, but why would you? Hiring a team of professionals is much safer, is affordable, and means your roof will be getting the care it really needs and deserves, thanks to the regulations that all professional crews have to adhere to.

Following these simple steps can help you take care of that pesky roof leak at your commercial property in no time, so you can focus on business and not on the status of your roof.

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A Severe Fire Can Be a Devastating Catastrophe to a Business Owner in Bel Air

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Commercial A Severe Fire Can Be a Devastating Catastrophe to a Business Owner in Bel Air Fire Escape Plan to Safety

SERVPRO Can Quickly Fix the Fire Damage in your Bel Air Business

It is important to consult with a fire damage restoration service like SERVPRO.  But what, exactly, can you expect during the disaster recovery process?

Post-fire restoration and fire damage clean-up can be a complicated process for business owners. The added difficulties of dealing with displaced employees, customers, retail or home renters, compounds the recovery process. Lost revenue does not soften the blow.

Once the firefighters have finished their efforts and deemed your business safe to enter, please follow this advice. You should be first through the door with an experienced fire damage restoration leader--SERVPRO. When this team arrives at your business, their first step will be to inspect your property and assess any fire damage that has occurred. They will check for structural integrity, broken windows, and remaining fire hazards. Once this property damage assessment is completed, a plan of action will be put into place. You will be given a detailed report called the CCIS that indicates salvageable, non-salvageable and questionable inventory lists. This document will aid you in your pursuit of a content settlement with your insurance company.

For any damaged windows, walls, doors, or other structural damage, the team will take steps to secure the area. In addition to fire damage, you can also expect to have soot, smoke, and water damage from the rescue effort. The removal of smoke odor, and, because of secondary water damage, mold remediation may also be required services.

After your business’s structural integrity is secured, the clean-up process can begin. Your business may need water removal or water extraction, as well as drying. Equipment such as water pumps, air-movers and dehumidifiers will be strategically placed in the structure. We may also need to perform content restoration for any furniture or vital business documents and furnishings. This may encompass cleaning and drying to salvage as much as possible. We want to save you money.

Once the disaster water removal and clean-up are completed, our next step will be fire damage repair and restoration of your Bel Air business. This is the process of returning your business (and life) back to normal. Any damaged walls will be fully repaired and painted, damaged drywall will be replaced, and new carpeting installed.
During the entire process, you will need to be in contact with your insurance company and so will we. SERVPRO takes pride in having strong relationships with hundreds of insurance companies, agencies and property management companies. We will expedite the fire damage restoration process to get your doors re-opened in Bel Air as quickly as possible.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Harford County can respond immediately to your commercial fire damage emergency in Bel Air regardless of the size or scope of the damage. We are part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams. We are faster to any size disaster.  Call us at (410) 679-6260

Mold Prevention Tips for When You Rent

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Just because you don’t own your property doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain it and take measures to keep it in a safe, clean and healthy condition. In addition to cleaning your building regularly and informing the landlord of any pressing issues such as water damage, you should also develop and act upon a mold prevention plan. Mold growth can happen quickly, which is why prevention is key. If you’re not sure how you can give your landlord a hand in the maintenance of his or her property, keep the following tips from your Riverside, Maryland, mold experts and the CDC in mind:

• Know where mold can develop. Mold grows anywhere there is moisture and lack of sunlight, which may include in windowsills, air ducts, doorways, vents and the carpet.
• Be on the lookout for moisture buildup and water damage. If water is allowed to sit for even 24 hours, it could spur mold growth.
• Keep the space properly ventilated and humidity levels between 30 and 60 percent. If necessary, invest in a dehumidifier, or ask your landlord for one.
• Inform your landlord of any leaks in the home’s roof, walls or plumbing. It is the landlords’ responsibility to fix such issues, and if they don’t, they could be in legal trouble for failing to maintain a healthy working environment.
• Mold prevention begins with cleaning. Keep the property clean, and pay particular attention to the bathroom and break room.

What To Do If You Discover Mold

If you take all the above prevention measures and still discover mold on the property, inform your landlord. It is your landlord’s responsibility to contact a Riverside, Maryland, mold remediation company to come in and fix the problem. If your landlord fails to act, reach out to the experts yourself and talk to an attorney about your legal options. If the mold is the result of the landlord’s failure to maintain the property, you may be able to put your rent in escrow until he or she pays you back for the cost of remediation.

The best thing you can do is to prevent mold from growing in the first place. Use the above mold prevention tips to keep your rental home a safe and healthy place to live.

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Cleaning Up Your Contents After a Fire

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Recovering from a fire is never an easy task. Even if you managed to contain it to one room or space of the building, the smoke can easily reach other areas and cause damage. Cleaning up can be a daunting and emotional task. Keep these tips in mind as you proceed.

Before entering the building, ensure that it is safe. Document all damage. Start cleaning and repairing what you can. Remember that professional assistance is available in Perryman, Maryland, for those tasks you can’t handle on your own, such as dry-cleaning.

Smoke can leave a distinctly unpleasant odor. The following supplies can help eliminate odor from different items on your property:

• Vinegar
• Baking soda
• Fresh air
• Ozone generators
• Activated charcoal

Content cleaning may need to be done in several stages. Remove as many items as possible from the building while damage is being fixed. Furniture and inventory may absorb odors by simply being inside. Rent a content storage unit and put supplies there until you can deal with them.

Any lamps or ceramic items should probably be cleaned as normal at first. If a deeper clean is necessary, you can use a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and soapy water. If you have any clothing that was in the building during the fire, it may require dry-cleaning services.

For bigger projects, you might consider hiring a fire restoration professional. If you own a business, you want to get back to normal as soon as possible. You also want to make sure you are maintaining a safe environment for your employees, customers and clients.

Cleaning up after a fire can be overwhelming, so take things one step at a time. Develop a plan for dealing with the structural damage. Remove inventory, furniture and other items. Hire dry-cleaning services to restore any fabrics damaged by smoke or soot. Bring in the specialists for a more thorough job.

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How to Properly Clean Your Belongings After a Fire

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If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a fire in your Edgewood, Maryland, home, you may now be focused on the aftermath of it all, which involves salvaging your belongings. Some people assume they must throw out their clothes, books, and other items simply because they smell like smoke, but that isn’t always the case. Although the smell is bothersome, dry cleaning is one of several ways to remove the odor and restore items.

Have Your Clothes Professionally Washed

If you’ve tried washing clothes in laundry detergent and the scent still lingers, you may want to consider enlisting help from professionals. Rather than attempting to remove the odor and any stains from your shirts, pants, and other accessories, bring the items to the dry cleaning company where experts can use various products that are meant to clean and deodorize clothes.

Use a Scrub Brush

When you’re trying to complete a thorough content cleaning of some of your other belongings, consider using a scrub brush to scrub away at any of the soot that may be left behind on items. It’s possible to use a scrub brush on many products, such as:

* Tables
* Chairs
* Bureaus
* Nightstands
* Hardback books

Before you start scrubbing, it’s wise to put a mask on that will cover both your mouth and your nose so that you’re not breathing in the heavy scent of smoke while focusing on the cleaning process.

If there are a lot of items that must be cleaned but you don’t have time to take care of it all in one day, you could consider checking out content storage options in Edgewood, Maryland. Storage facilities may allow you to put those items away until you’re ready to give them the thorough cleaning they need.

After experiencing a fire in the home, you may now be focused on salvaging items and restoring the home back to its original condition. If you’re worried you’ll have to throw away some of your clothes and other valuable, important items, consider other cleaning alternatives, such as dry cleaning for clothes that currently smell like smoke.

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Commercial Fire Experts in Aberdeen, MD

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Commercial fire damage experts have the expertise and skills in fire damage restoration.

Beyond what can be achieved by a fire truck and fire hose. A certified fire restraint expert has the right training and equipment to cleanup a fire damaged building. Commercial fires also pose a problem because a fire sprinkler system uses water and a fire suppression system uses foam agents and chemicals. Depending on the type will determine the strategy used to clean up the soot and smoke odor.

This is why fire restoration should be left to the commercial fire damage experts. These professionals have the right skills and expertise. They are also trained on how to handle fire safely. They use safety gears that you as the home owner may not have.

When you face a fire in the home or business, do not simply write everything off. The items in your home can still be salvaged. All you need to do is let the fire damage experts handle the job. This is what they are trained to do. They should be called immediately after the fire trucks and fire hose have performed their tasks.

How To Prepare for a Future Flood

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Some areas of the country are more prone to flooding than others. It can be devastating to try to recover the costs associated with repairing flood damage. However, homeowners in Aberdeen, MD can reduce the impact by adequately preparing for such disasters.

Pack Everything Essential Beforehand

In the event you need to evacuate, you and your family members need to leave the house immediately. You should have all essential items already packed up so that you do not forget anything. Some crucial items to bring include:

• Prescription medication
• Clothing
• First-aid kit
• Important documents or a flash drive
• Priceless belongings

When you have to evacuate, there may be no time to ensure you gather everything. You should leave your home with peace of mind.

Clean Storm Drains and Gutters

You should already clean your gutters regularly. You especially want to do it right before flooding occurs. Debris in the gutters can cause rainwater to back up. Too much pressure will cause the gutters to break. The water will flood your home’s siding, resulting in more storm damage.

Keep Important Items Away From Potential Flood Areas

If your house has a basement, then you need to waterproof it. You should also keep important items out of this area. The furnace and water heater in particular should be located in areas of the house that are not likely to flood. You should also avoid storing family heirlooms out of the basement. Some items can be restored after a flood, but paper and photographs may be lost forever.

You should develop an evacuation plan for your neighbors, especially if any of them are elderly or sick. They may not have their own transportation. Flooding has been known to occur in Aberdeen, MD so do not get caught off-guard by it. Have a plan, and make sure to review it regularly with your children and whoever else you live with. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Contaminated Water Removal Requires Professional Training and Tools

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Flooding poses many problems for Aberdeen, MD homeowners beyond the obvious cleanup requirements. Contaminated water, black water and clean water from an uncontaminated supply line are all part of the puzzle, and each has special requirements in the restoration process. One of the first steps a restoration company takes is determining what type of water is making a mess of your home.

3 Categories of Water

Restoration companies categorize water into three groups:

• Category 1: This is water that is safe to drink. Known as “clean water,” it is provided through a sanitary source, such as drinking fountains and faucets. Water in your toilet tank and water heater is also considered clean.
• Category 2: Water in this category is “gray water.” It contains contaminants that can make you sick if you drink it. Gray water can come from an overflowing clothes washer or dishwasher, or may be water flushed from sink drains. It can even be water from an overflowing toilet that may contain urine, but not feces.
• Category 3: Known as “black water,” this is the worst type of contaminated water. This type of water comes from sewer backup or overflow with feces, along with floodwaters from rivers or streams.

Making Restoration Plans

A sink or tub overflow involves clean water, which has no special handling or disposal requirements. Depending on the severity of the overflow, you may be able to salvage flooring, carpeting, baseboards and furniture, as well as drywall.

Contaminated water, including both gray and black water, should be handled by restoration professionals. It requires special training and tools to assess both the water and water damage and to develop a restoration plan for your Aberdeen, MD home. If you are unsure whether your water supply line has been compromised, be sure to boil your water until supply system operators tell you it’s safe to use. Visit for more information on water damage.

You Wouldn't Want To Drink It

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While you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors by scooping up your category one floodwater and taking a sip, the fact remains that it's basically clean water. However, it's still a risk for many of the nastier types of water-related problems, such as:

Black mold
• Pest infestation
• Staining
• Bad smells

It also affects the same level of structural damage on Aberdeen, MD buildings as dirty water. Don't let your guard down around a burst supply line or broken pipe just because the water is clean.

Don't Cut Corners

Sure, that water doesn't smell so bad now. You might even be able to remove it without any lingering odor. Even so, it's best to do as much as possible early on: One of the first rules of water damage mitigation is to attempt to get back to a like-new status right after the event. This might just mean removing the water. However, it could involve tasks that you might only think of in context of a remodel, such as removing walls and replacing carpeting.

Trapped Water

The reason for this seemingly excessive amount of work is that all of those structural and finishing materials can become saturated with clean water. Common offenders are:

• Drywall
• Carpeting
• Floorboard pads
• Open-cell and fiberglass insulation
• Ceiling tiles

That trapped water gets old and dirty quickly. In the best-case scenario, your business is left with a persistent and unpleasant aroma. In the worst case, black mold appears. When it comes to the safety of your stakeholders, it is typically best to err on the side of caution.

While a little mopping up might seem to do the trick, a more thorough job might be called for. Even if you start out with clean water, trapped moisture becomes dirty and infested quickly. It's best to get rid of it all, even if that means cutting out some of the affected materials and replacing them.
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